Tommee Tippee celebrates the freedom of choice when it comes to feeding baby in an effort to reset the conversation to a more positive experience, making moms feel more confident

Tommee Tippee, one of the fastest-growing baby bottle and infant feeding brands in the United States, has released new findings that reveal many new moms are feeling vulnerable to preconceived societal expectations and pressures when it comes to feeding their newborns due to a lack of information and awareness.

And that silence surrounding feeding is leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and failure that can overtake maternal joy and erode confidence. A reported 82% of moms experienced shame when feeding, and more than a third reported they felt ashamed when switching from breastmilk to formula.

Additionally, over half of moms experienced mental health struggles due to breastfeeding—many physical, emotional, and mental challenges are still under-acknowledged. To add, the findings also uncovered that 88% of moms believe breastfeeding needs to be normalised in society and 93% of moms said feeding and breastfeeding should be more openly and honestly spoken about by women and society.

Tommee Tippee believes that every mom will have a different feeding experience and there is no “right way” to nourish a baby, delivering on that inclusive message with an ever-expanding range of products for both breast and bottle feeding.

That belief is why the brand released a bold, disruptive anthem video called ‘The Boob Life’ that celebrates the freedom of choice when it comes to feeding baby in an effort to reset the conversation to a more positive experience, making moms feel more confident—however, they choose to feed.

The video is informed and inspired by the experiences of real moms, showcasing a wide variety of feeding experiences including a pumping mom with an arm disability, a bottle-feeding mom who has had a mastectomy, and a mom tandem-feeding newborn twins. By shining a light on a spectrum of feeding situations, the video aims to drive home the truth that infant feeding comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for every mom.

The video captures a plethora of feeding moments that are rarely captured on screen, from breast pumping to leaking, milky, post-feed breasts, and milk squirting from a nipple.

“It is shocking how many moms experience shame and embarrassment when they are breastfeeding,” said Sharon Swan, Head of Brand Marketing for Tommee Tippee North America.

“It is our hope that this video sparks more conversations around normalising feeding moments, putting mom in the centre. It’s more important than ever that we don’t lose sight of mom after the baby has arrived and we encourage real conversations about motherhood so all moms feel empowered no matter how, when, and where they choose to feed their child. And whatever decision mom makes, Tommee Tippee is here to support her.”

Coupled with the ‘The Boob Life’ video is a series of episodic narratives that showcases real moms’ open and honest motherhood experiences in a provocative way to demystify feeding. The series also includes personal anecdotes about a variety of common themes that parents face every day but are largely unspoken about in society like topics surrounding body image, judgment, and breastfeeding issues.

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