The Fullon Hotels & Resorts announces plans to encourage domestic and international tourists to explore the island through the means of cycling

As the trend of cycling has taken the world by storm by not only providing another way of transportation but also greatly reducing carbon emissions, Taiwan’s largest hotel and resort chain, The Fullon Hotels & Resorts has announced its plans to encourage its domestic and international tourists to explore the island through the means of cycling.

The Fullon Hotels & Resorts has won the World Branding Awards for five consecutive years in the Hotels & Resorts category. Along with numerous domestic and foreign awards for various catering, accommodation, gourmet meals, and service quality categories. The resort prides itself in providing its guest with a traditional and authentic Taiwanese service.

To kickstart its plans to encourage tourism through cycling, The Fullon Hotel now promotes cycling tours in seven bicycle-friendly hotels in the North, Central, South, and East Taiwan which strives to provide an environment that meets the needs of each individual rider.

The Hotels provides bicycle rentals, repair stations, exclusive parking spaces, bicycle wash areas, energy packs for guests, as well as a detailed itinerary to guide its guests on their travel.

Each Fullon Hotel is located close to popular tourist attractions, such as the Taipei Zoo, the ShenKeng Old Street, the National Taiwan University Gongguan shopping district, Mala Bay, Discovery World, and various amusement facilities.

With the Hotels plans and latest updates, they hope to become the most convenient accommodation choice for cyclists and all domestic and foreign travellers.

In the recent “2021 Bicycle Friendly Travel and Accommodation Popular Voting” event organised by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, The Fullon Hotel & Resort were voted top three in the regional competition, thus becoming one of the highly-rated hotel brands on the list.

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