Smirnoff and Spotify Partner in Promoting Female Artists

Vodka Brand Launches Smirnoff Equaliser Platform and Celebrates the Achievements of Women Everywhere

Smirnoff, a global Vodka brand, launched a new extension of its “Equalising Music” global campaign through a new partnership with Spotify that promotes equality for women musicians around the world.

According to Spotify data, none of the top 10 most-streamed tracks were performed by women artists or bands in 2017. To help make a difference in the music industry, the makers of the Vodka brand have teamed up with Spotify to increase representation of women in music by allowing consumers to impact their own listening habits through an industry-first application programming interface (API), dubbed the Smirnoff Equaliser.

The equaliser analyses Spotify users’ listening habits to provide them with a percentage breakdown of the number of men versus women artists they have listened to in the previous six months before providing an equalised playlist tailored just for them, where artists of both genders are equally represented. The equaliser further supports women musicians by offering a personalised slider, where the user can increase the number of women artists in their playlists. The innovative platform was debuted at the brand’s “Phenomenal You” launch event in New York City.

“We developed the Smirnoff Equaliser in partnership with Spotify because we believe that when we get to discover talented women artists and their phenomenal music, we will all have a better listening experience. The equaliser not only drives awareness, but also allows Spotify users to take direct action by increasing the number of tracks from women artists in their playlists,” said Neil Shah, Smirnoff Global Senior Brand Manager.

The goal behind the equaliser is to get more people listening to more women artists. The bigger their fan bases become, the more opportunities they will have to perform and succeed. The equaliser platform will run through the summer and can be accessed by Spotify users of a legal drinking age in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico and Argentina.