Remy Martin unveils “Team Up For Excellence”, a celebration of collaboration, shared values, and the success it generates, created by the Fred & Farid Paris agency

Remy Martin, a producer of cognac, has launched a new platform that reflects its values of authenticity, audacity and generosity. Named “Team up for excellence,” the campaign draws from these to pay homage to personal success through the various people who made it possible.

Remy Martin’s philosophy of expert cognac making is a result many talents working together under the aegis of Baptiste Loiseau, the House’s Cellar Master; just like a conductor, he coordinates the various steps of cognac elaboration: winegrowing, vinification, distillation, blending and ageing.

The House of Remy Martin is a story of family, partners and collective success: André Hériard Dubreuil and André Renaud, Baptiste Loiseau and Pierrette Trichet, to name just a few. Over the years, teamwork has been at the heart of The House of Remy Martin. It is a value close to the ethos of the brand, especially the younger generations: a need to be a part of a group and a desire to collaborate or co-create.

Since 1724, the celebrated cognac House has been rooted in exception, producing cognac from both the Grande and Petite Champagne regions of France. Since 1966, Remy Martin has had a contractual association, a multi-year partnership between the merchant and the winegrower, that formed the Alliance Fine Champagne.

Remy Martin celebrates collective success through its new global campaign
Notable guests included former Victor Cruz Jermaine Dupri Tamra Simmons Murda Beatz amongst others

This quest of excellence has been the Remy Martin trademark since 1724, a brand with the constant dedication of creating quality cognac. To continually achieve higher and further as a reflection of the Centaur, the brand’s figurehead for 150 years.

At the core of this new campaign, two films were conceived by the Fred & Farid Paris agency and directed by Vellas, a Brazilian director chosen by the brand for his aesthetic and his ability to tell a well-paced, authentic and emotive story. These works reflect the contemporary idea of creating shared success.

The first film dedicated to Remy Martin’s expertise shows masters of the Remy Martin Estate for the first time: Baptiste Loiseau (Cellar Master), Laura Mornet (Viticulture Consulting Manager), Julien Georget (Estates Manager) and Michael Meunier (Cooperage Manager) all took part. The film delivers a sensory experience through an ingeniously choreographed sequence which connects the various stages of the cognac-making process.

“It is a wonderful project which was made through teamwork. The result is a film which shows the essence of our trades, the passion which bonds us together and drives us, and above all the evidence of working together for the better, the excellence of our cognac”, commented Baptiste Loiseau, The Cellar Master.

The second film entitled “Start-up” takes place in the vibrant world of young, pioneering companies. It celebrates synergy, collective emulation around an original idea which will gradually come to fruition.

The new campaign draws on the rich, nearly 300-year history of Remy Martin, whilst remaining entirely contemporary. “Team up for excellence” emphasises the superiority of Remy Martin cognac with its greatest asset: Fine Champagne, the foundation stone of the House’s global reach.

“Remy Martin is more than just a brand. It is a constellation of talent-driven by that rarely-found feeling of belonging to a real family”, stresses Augustin Depardon, Global Executive Director of Remy Martin.

The campaign was launched with a celebration in Versailles, France, on October 21, 2019, which brought together one hundred guests who contributed to the success of the brand around the world and share the same uncompromising commitment to achieving excellence through collaboration in their respective arts. Notable guests included former Victor Cruz, Jermaine Dupri, Tamra Simmons, Murda Beatz, amongst others.

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