Purina taps Emmy award-winning journalist and pet enthusiast, Maria Menounos, for social media campaign to raise awareness of resource gap for domestic abuse survivors

Purina, and RedRover have asked fellow pet lovers to join the Purple Leash Project to help shine a light on the fact that only about ten percent of domestic violence shelters in the US allow pets, leaving some abuse victims to make a heart-wrenching decision – stay in abusive situations with their pets or leave their pets behind to face the abuser alone. Nearly half of survivors choose to delay leaving if they cannot take their pet with them.

Purina’s Friskies and Pro-Plan brands are both winners of the World Branding Awards.

Purina has committed more than US$500k/£405k to create the Purple Leash Project grants to fund pet-friendly renovations at domestic abuse shelters across the US. In addition to that, Purina and RedRover are providing trained volunteers to help with renovations, donating pet food, supplies and other resources for pet owners escaping abuse.

The organisation is also advocating for change at a national level as part of the PAWS Act coalition, aiming to increase federal support for the cause.

Purina RedRover Purple Leash Project
Purina has committed more than US$500k to create RedRover + Purina Purple Leash Project Grants which provide funding to make domestic violence shelters pet friendly and help with renovations for pet owners escaping abuse

As part of this national initiative, Purina and Emmy award-winning journalist Maria Menounos have teamed up to inspire people to take action for domestic violence victims and their pets.

“Nobody should have to choose between their own safety and the safety of their pets,” said Menounos, a pet enthusiast and owner of three beloved dogs.

“I have long been an advocate for pets and share Purina’s belief that pets and people are better together. That is why I am humbled to join the Purple Leash Project and lend my voice for those who are suffering in silence with their pets by their side.”

This month, as part of the Purple Leash Project, Purina and RedRover encourage fellow pet lovers to join Maria and others to lend their social voices to advocate for change and “take the lead” for domestic violence survivors – which often includes pets.

“Domestic violence and its impact on the daily lives of our friends, neighbours and their pets is a social issue, and we are asking fellow pet lovers and survivor advocates to lend their voices on social media to help drive awareness and advocate for change,” said Nina Leigh Krueger, President of Purina.

“Purina has a longstanding commitment to the health and wellness of pets, and our advocacy for domestic violence victims with pets extends our efforts beyond the food bowl as we work to help ensure that every pet has a long, healthy life in a loving home.”

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