Publicis Canada raises awareness on flavoured vapes with ice cream van


Publicis Canada campaign designed to raise awareness about negative effects surrounding flavoured vaping products on youth

Publicis Canadaa communications agency, together with the Canadian Lung Association and Heart & Stroke Foundation in Toronto have partnered to create the video campaign: “Flavoured vapes Hook Kids” which highlights how industry uses flavours to attract young people to products that contain nicotine. In just one year, the number of Canadian teens who have used a vape has increased by 74%.

The campaign takes place in a Toronto Square, where an ice cream van is settled down. The ice-cream man tries to sell its products to families and more precisely to kids. When customers ask what are the ice-creams flavours, the ingredients are quite classics, but there is one ingredient which makes the difference: there is Nicotine.

The campaign is designed in efforts to raise awareness about the negative effects surrounding flavoured vaping products on our youth. The video explores the dangerous appeal vape products have on kids and how the “fun-flavoured” habit has lured kids into thinking it is acceptable and harmless. Despite the hidden harms, young adolescents are naïve and unaware of the long-term health issues vaping can cause. The anti-Vape Campaign takes a satirical approach to bring attention to a serious issue.

Olivia Pearce
Olivia Pearce
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