Poo-Pourri and Johnathan Van Ness work together to de-stigmatize the poo

Today, Poo-Pourri, a self-proclaimed poop-positive brand taking the stink out of the thing everyone does, debuts its first US national celebrity campaign with Queer Eye star, pattern-breaking author, hair extraordinaire and stigma-breaking individual Jonathan Van Ness (JVN).

In the campaign video JVN works to solve the universal anxiety often associated with going number two by encouraging co-working, gym-going and dating poopers to kick their poo struggles with Poo-Pourri’s before-you-go toilet spray.

“We are consistently iterating how we show up to delightfully shift the way the world thinks about pooping with humour and relatability,” states Poo-Pourri SVP of Creative Nicole Story.

“JVN is authentic and owns his s***. He transforms people to be the best version of themselves no matter what – so who better to help us tell the world about our life-changing product?”

Poo-Pourri is not just selling a toilet spray – the brand has bottled confidence, liberating you to go wherever, whenever. In the video Jonathan shows up as the cheerful Pooleader making honest connections with each pooper by asking them deeply personal questions about what they are “holding in” and encouraging them to let it go.

“I love the idea of de-stigmatising things that have shame attached to them,” commented Jonathan regarding the partnership. “I have dealt with poo shame myself and this campaign was a fun way to instil confidence in others. People poop, and sometimes you feel weird about pooping, but you just gotta go.”

The campaign, executed by Poo-Pourri’s in-house creative team in partnership with NBCU and Broadway Video, will live throughout June 2020 and is supported with digital, streaming and social ads.

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