Pepsi’s “What’s Your Walk-Up?” campaign celebrates the intrinsic connection between baseball and music

Former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia knows a thing or two about being centre stage at Yankee Stadium. Now, with the help of Pepsi Zero Sugar, he’s showing local youth in the Bronx how it’s done by supporting their performance to be played on the HD-Videoboard at the iconic venue as part of the brand’s “What’s Your Walk-Up?” campaign, celebrating the intrinsic connection between baseball and music.

While the campaign allows consumers to record and upload their own walk-up to iconic songs via the brand’s artistic Instagram filters, Pepsi Zero Sugar – which offers the same delicious taste of Pepsi that people love with zero sugar – is taking that moment further for the students at UpBeat NYC.

Pepsi Zero Sugar is donating US$25K/£18.2K to the Bronx non-profit in support of its efforts to enhance youth music education in the borough and bringing its students’ performance to Yankee Stadium for an ultimate moment in the spotlight. The brand partnered with Sabathia to share the news and hype the community group up for their big debut.

“‘What’s Your Walk Up?’ is about celebrating music moments in baseball and the texture of the game and for that, the Bronx is a perfect backdrop to celebrate this tradition as the home of the Yankees, which sit at the intersection of music, sports, culture, and community in New York and around the globe,” said Justin Faiber, PepsiCo’s Director of Brand Marketing, NYC.

“With UpBeat NYC, we saw an opportunity to elevate and highlight their commitment to music education locally in the Bronx in a big way – what better way than partnering with a Yankees legend like CC Sabathia and featuring their Latin jazz ensemble in one of NYC’s and the sport’s most iconic venues.”

For Sabathia who has already been a strong community figure in the Bronx, the partnership was a natural fit.

“I know first-hand how the power of music can bring a baseball game to life and I love that Pepsi Zero Sugar wants to bring aspiring musicians from the community on that journey,” Sabathia said. “I love the Bronx and it’s great to be involved with a brand and an organisation like UpBeat NYC that are looking to create positive change in the borough’s youth.”

The UpBeat NYC performance will debut on the HD-Videoboard at the New York Yankees home game on 21 August 2021, where they have been invited to attend and see their pre-recorded show courtesy of Pepsi Zero Sugar.

“For the students at UpBeat NYC, this support from Pepsi Zero Sugar is more than just a monetary donation. For us this means new instruments, equipment repairs, and even more opportunities to reach local youth,” said Liza Austria, Co-Founder of UpBeat NYC. “Seeing these aspiring musicians rewarded for their hard work with a visit from a hero like CC Sabathia and a trip to Yankees Stadium is something really special and we’re thankful to Pepsi Zero Sugar for that.”

For consumers, they can record their own performances via the “What’s Your Walk-Up?” Instagram promotion, selecting their preferred social filter and posting their video for the chance to win prizes like Yankees tickets, autographed memorabilia, and an exciting grand prize package consisting of a unique Pepsi x Yankees experience.

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