Peet’s Coffee Launches “What Fills Your Cup?” Brand Campaign

Peet's Coffee What Fills Your Cup

In Debuting “Share Your Passion” Documentary Style Content, Pioneering Craft Coffee Brand, Peet’s Coffee, Invites Consumers to Showcase the Pursuit of Aspirations that Enrich their Lives

Peet’s Coffee, The Original Craft Coffee, today unveiled a new, USD $1.1 million/£819 thousand advertising campaign that answers the question of “What Fills Your Cup?” by exploring the passion that drives the brand and talented individuals in pursuit of craft, art, sport, and other aspirations. The content features Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, professional surfer Brianna Cope, Top Photographer winner Scott Borrero, Roastmaster Doug Welsh, and Beverage Innovator Patrick Main. The campaign, created in collaboration with Cutwater, includes a series of 30-second and 15-second digital spots, a unique social filter, and a consumer-facing sweepstakes.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Peet’s Coffee on developing a campaign that highlights the passions of not just our featured influencers, but anyone and everyone,” said Chuck McBride, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Cutwater.

“We all have passions that move us and the framing device of the ‘What Fills Your Cup’ silhouette functions as the perfect hook for documentary style content and an engaging filter for Peet’s fans to enjoy online and on social media. We’re excited to see what kind of photos Peetniks submit as part of this campaign and look forward to learning about their unique passions,” added McBride.

Swirl, the media partner for Peet’s Coffee, has engaged Complex, Snapchat, Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, and cross-device technology to reach audiences across devices with relevant video and custom content.

What Fills Your Cup?: Cast of Passionate Characters
Directed by famed Nate Gunn, “What Fills Your Cup?” celebrates the brand’s handcrafted coffee and best-selling Peet’s Cold Brew, as well as the following people devoted to the pursuit of their personal passions:

  • Kristen Kish, an acclaimed chef releasing her first book, Kristen Kish Cooking; formerly of Barbara Lynch’s restaurant Menton and winner of Bravo’s Top Chef.
  • Brianna Cope, a professional surfer from Kauai chasing waves since the age of four, currently traveling the world as a member of the World Surf League.
  • Scott Borrero, a lauded commercial photographer and winner of Nigel Barker’s Top Photographer.
  • Doug Welsh, a Peet’s Coffee Roastmaster and circumnavigator of the globe, hunting for the world’s best beans, tasting more than a quarter million cups along the way.
  • Patrick Main, a beverage innovator expertly handcrafting Peet’s Coffee beverages by day and a touring multi-instrumentalist musician by night.

“The success of Peet’s Coffee is intrinsically tied to our passion for crafting the finest and freshest coffee sourced from the highest quality beans and hand-roasted in small batches,” said Andrea Fernandes, Director, Brand Marketing, Peet’s Coffee.

“When developing ‘What Fills Your Cup?’, we sought aspirational stories of individuals who are equally driven by their passions and are excited to debut content that brings to life how people embrace their talents authentically,” added Fernandes.