Olay features La Mu Yang Zi and famous comedian, Yang Li, to talk candidly about facial anxiety

Grey Hong Kong and Olay have released the first part of the brand’s latest campaign, Pursuit of Fearless. While current beauty and fashion brands have been promoting individuality for a few years now and placing others who are different in the forefront has been great. However, it doesn’t answer the question, “What about me?”.

According to a recent study in China, six out of ten women say they lack confidence in their appearance and feel anxious about how others may perceive them if they don’t fit into what is considered to be beautiful.

In their latest campaign, Grey Hong Kong and Olay have made difference personal with a resounding statement, “You can’t find another me in the world.”

The statement is the hub of Grey Hong Kong’s new campaign for Olay, Fearless of Judgement, which is the first part of a series under Olay China’s newly launched brand idea, Pursuit of Fearless. The campaign film features La Mu Yang Zi, a Chinese actress who is not usually seen as conforming to the traditional definition of beauty.

“This is a time we think it is necessary to walk further with Chinese women on the journey to becoming fearless,” stated Hyoeun Kim, vice president of P&G Greater China, Skin Care – Olay.

The campaign film has been released on several online platforms including Dou Yin, Weibo & Wechat. Olay has also teamed up with the Xiao Kou Stand-up comedy show inviting Yang Li, a famous female comedian, to talk candidly about facial anxiety, and invited more celebrities and actresses, KOLs, writers and bloggers, to participate in the campaign.

“We will continue to tell heartfelt stories to consumers and make Olay a meaningful brand,” stated Duffy Lau, general manager, Grey Hong Kong.

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