Mucinex partners Noma Bar for latest Be A #BoringHero campaign

Mucinex partners Noma Bar for latest Be A #BoringHero campaign

Mucinex and  McCann and McCann Health New York partners with award-winning illustrator Noma Bar

As May begins, more than half of states are lifting stay-at-home measures in an attempt to get the country back on its feet. But many of the experts are cautioning citizens to stay focused and continue to stay home and stay safe. Mucinex, a cold and flu brand with a fighting spirit, is elevating the conversation by leveraging art, not just words, in its new visually stunning public health campaign that animates and illustrates the best science-based advice for fighting COVID-19.

But it’s boring. Or, rather, it’s challenging Americans to stay boring.

By continuing to follow advice on social distancing, limited outside activity and keeping hands clean and away from faces, the series of vibrant and visually-powerful superhero images at the centre of this new campaign show us how we can become “stay-at-home” heroes by making our boring lifestyles more fun. This message is especially important for younger Americans who feel less vulnerable and thus are struggling to follow a boring way of life.

Mucinex and the brand’s creative agency, McCann and McCann Health New York, have once again partnered with award-winning illustrator Noma Bar, heralded as a “master of the visual double entendre,” who created a series of colourful and intriguing social superhero illustrations and Instagram stickers which help Americans grasp the heroism of staying home and being boring.

Bar’s deceptively simple and highly imaginative works combine a clever use of negative space and bold design techniques, to show that by being a #boringhero, everyone can be a helper; keeping the front-line heroes – first responders, healthcare workers, grocery employees, mail carriers and so many others – safe and healthy.

“The science shows staying in isn’t exciting, but it does save lives,” said Claudine Patel, Vice President, Marketing. “So much more than simple words, these vivid and original visuals invite consumers to show off their superhero creds by donning capes and masks and have more fun whilst performing mundane tasks, such as vacuuming, making a sandwich or simply taking a nap.”

This one-of-a-kind “boring” social content series was launched nationally on Instagram. Bar will continue to imagine, create and release new illustrations throughout May, as well as an original collection of superhero-worthy Instagram stickers available next week, inspiring us to be heroic by staying home and having fun being boring. Mucinex has also curated a group of top influencers who will help spread Bar’s images through Instagram stories.

“With the weather warming up across the nation, there is great temptation to give up our boring routine, but in reality, we should be fighting back by embracing these mundane life-saving techniques with an added dose of fun,” said Patel. “Bar’s clever illustrations help translate the contradiction of being a #boringhero in a powerful, spirited and fun way and we are proud to partner with him to provide inspiration for staying home and staying safe.”