Marmite Mind Control: You don’t hate it, you love it

Marmite, a maker of a popular savoury breakfast spread, has launched an unconventional campaign, devised by adam&eveDDB, to turn its most devout haters into devout lovers of its product. The brand believes that it has found the ultimate way to increase its product love amongst consumers.

On Marmite’s website, the brand has given haters the opportunity to apply for a unique mind control experience to test their resistance against the product which has the potential to convert them into a kind of Marmitism ideology.

The brand recognises in their ad campaign that people who hate Marmite love other sweeter alternatives like jam and chocolate spread. The hypnotic experience aims not only to turn haters into lovers, but to also hypnotise them into hating these other sweet products.

After answering a series of questions via the website, a panel of participants will be selected to ensure they meet eligibility requirements. Once finalised, the winners will travel to London to watch a powerful hypnosis film – under strictly controlled conditions.

The brand enlisted the services of trained hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer and best-selling author, Rory Z Fulcher, who was consulted during the development of the campaign. He will oversee the daring experiment as the winners are put through various mind control techniques which are designed to change their taste perceptions and possibly convert them into Marmite lovers.

Fulcher said in a statement that in order to change the taste perceptions of the participants, he would use hypnotherapy techniques, which would create positive, measurable changes in thoughts, behaviours and habits.

He also emphasised that the participants have to want to be hypnotised due to hypnosis being a self-generated state. He said that if someone does not want to be hypnotised, it will be highly unlikely they will go into a hypnotic state. In other words, participants will have to want to love eating Marmite after the experiment is over.

“We are calling all Marmite haters that are willing and able to take part in this fun social experiment,” said Fulcher.

This campaign comes off the heels of a recent research that revealed 89 percent of people living in the UK eat the same breakfast every week, and over a third of them are genuinely concerned about how much sugar goes into their morning meals. The brand is encouraging the nation to stop sleepwalking into the same breakfast choices each morning and to include savoury options.

Jenna Hope, a nutritionist, states that consuming high-sugar breakfasts stimulates a spike in blood sugar levels which provides fast, short-lasting energy. She encourages the consumption of lower sugar, more savoury breakfasts which can help prevent constant spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. These stats seem to motivate Marmite in its pursuit of gaining more lovers.

“Foods such as Marmite, which are fortified with B vitamins, are a great way to optimise micronutrient profiles. With the rise of the vegan movement, it is more important than ever that foods are fortified with vitamin B12 which, otherwise is very difficult to get from vegan dietary sources,” added Hope.

“The taste of Marmite has been dividing families for over 100 years. We are so pleased that we have finally cracked how to convert even the most vehement of haters to lovers, using the power of hypnosis. The recent research cemented Marmite’s reputation as the most loved and hated product of our generation, and we can’t wait for lucky participants to be converted from haters to lovers,” said Rachel Chambers, Marketing Manager at Marmite.

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