Manscaped and Testicular Cancer Society are teaching men how to check themselves for the possible signs and symptoms of testicular cancer

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and Manscaped, the brand in men’s below-the-waist grooming and hygiene, is taking the initiative to raise awareness and spark action. Together with close partner Testicular Cancer Society (TCS), the team has produced another highly anticipated video to show men how to check themselves in under 60 seconds for the possible signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

In true Manscaped fashion, the clip uses humour to break down the initial barrier men have when talking about the topics of the male groin and of this prevalent disease. In fact, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer amongst men ages 15-35. However, upon early detection, it is up to 99% treatable.

“Our goal with this campaign is to create a viral video and something that’s easily shareable in order to generate the greatest awareness and prevention of testicular cancer that we can,” said Paul Tran, founder and chief executive officer of Manscaped.

“At Manscaped, our bigger purpose is not only to empower men but to speak to the importance of proper hygiene and testicular health,” added Paul. “We’ve further enhanced that mission through our partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society in order to help spread awareness for early detection and to educate men on this imperative topic.”

Last year’s inaugural “Check Yo’ Self” video was wildly successful, going completely viral on social media and achieving over 2 million views in a very short period of time. With this explosive reach, the video generated real-life success stories, with several cases where men checked themselves and discovered symptoms of the disease – as a direct result of watching the clip. This year, with Manscaped’s platform growing at an unprecedented rate and maintaining over 313,000 followers on Instagram, the teams are deeply determined to save so many more balls. To save more lives.

“Early detection and treatment of testicular cancer – when it is nearly 100% curable – is crucial. A lack of awareness can lead to a later-stage diagnosis, higher treatment burdens and even loss of life,” says Mike Craycraft, a testicular cancer survivor and founder of TCS. “We feel extremely fortunate to tap into Manscaped’s expansive digital network and omnichannel marketing machine to help educate and encourage even more men to take action.”

To further spread awareness, things will be turning purple this April. Aligning with TCS’s logo and signature hue, the teams have created co-branded TCS x Manscaped purple t-shirts, in-package inserts and other collateral to organically get the message out. Additionally, consumers who buy online at manscaped will see a post-purchase offer where they can learn more about testicular cancer screening and/or make a donation by visiting the Testicular Cancer Society’s website. Manscaped’s new We Save Balls Landing Page also houses more information about the partnership and “Check Yo’ Self” campaign.

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