Jim Beam has introduced a global marketing push which celebrates its storied legacy of both making great whiskey and treating people right.

Jim Beam has unveiled its Raised Right global marketing campaign which shares what the bourbon brand has learned from seven generations of family—how to treat a person right and make a fine whiskey. The first ad, Celebration, has premiered in select American markets to include five key cities.

They are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Lexington, and Louisville. With its Big Game debut, the push has rolled out across the United States, and tells the story of James B. Beam leading up to the end of Prohibition. It focuses on the people who helped him rebuild his distillery in 120 days following the law’s repeal.

The effort has also premiered in Australia and Germany and will soon expand into markets. The exercise entails television, digital, and print advertising, with local activations and retail marketing—and marks the first collaboration between Jim Beam and adam&eveNYC.

The Jim Beam campaign will also feature Watching, a shorter film set in modern times and heroes the family’s distilling heritage. Said phase will see print and outdoor placements throughout the year as well. Starcom USA will manage media buys.

“We set out to create a campaign focused on the good created by treating others like family. The story of our past that is told here both illustrates how those values are just as relevant now and defines Raised Right,” said David Campbell, VP of Global Integrated Marketing Communications at Beam Suntory.

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