Herbal Essences Recognises Mums in “Pregnant Women Can” Campaign

“Pregnant Women Can” Campaign by Herbal Essences Celebrates Women Living Life While Making A Life, As Unstoppable Forces of Nature

Herbal Essences, a brand in the Procter & Gamble family, understands that women are unstoppable forces who accomplish amazing things every day, and who do not hit pause with pregnancy.

Leading up to this year’s Mother’s Day holiday, the brand is recognising moms-to-be through its new “Pregnant Women Can” campaign and an empowering video anthem that highlights how women are pursuing their passions every day – and doing it for two.

When it comes to pregnancy and making choices she will feel good about, the brand is encouraging her to celebrate all the things she can do.

“Harnessing the power of nature to create something incredible has always been in Herbal Essences’ DNA. We want to celebrate women as the powerful forces of nature they are, which becomes even more awe-inspiring when she is expecting.

“We realised this in our daily conversations, as most of the women on our team were pregnant or new moms, in addition to what was heard in our consumer research,” said Kate Voyten, Herbal Essences Brand Director.

To dig further into the topic, Herbal Essences conducted a national survey of US women that included responders who are currently pregnant, new moms, and more experienced moms, uncovering that most everyone has an opinion on what pregnant women can (or rather, cannot) do.

The survey found that women who are currently pregnant have received unsolicited advice from an average of 15 people since becoming pregnant, whilst new mothers have received unsolicited advice from an average of 20 people whilst they were pregnant – and since becoming a parent.

Of the advice they were given, much of it was focused on what they could not or should not do.

New Mothers say they were told they could not lift heavy objects (88%), eat the same foods (59%), complete the same household chores (49%), exercise the same way (45%), participate in outdoor activities (33%), and work the same hours (29%).

No matter what decade, pregnancy and career equal one hot topic. Of women who are currently pregnant, 90% believe they will maintain the same standing at their job when they return after having a baby.

In years past, amongst experienced mothers who were not employed during pregnancy, nearly 40% believe women who had careers did not prioritise having a family.

However, of those experienced mothers who were employed during pregnancy, more than 65% admit the reason they pursued a career was actually specifically for their family.

This new chapter in life evokes a new kind of confidence. 65% of women surveyed who are currently pregnant feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies now than prior to pregnancy, followed by 56% of new mothers and 51% of experienced mothers.

The brand will partner with over 100 influencers to share what made or makes them a force of nature during their pregnancy journey, and beyond.

The celebration will culminate with a Babymoon Sweepstakes across the US; mothers-to-be are encouraged to enter to win a babymoon trip for two to enjoy a little rest and relaxation before their own bundle of joy arrives.