Government pull Get Ready for Brexit campaign

Get Ready For Brexit

The UK government have ended the Get Ready For Brexit campaign that was launched last month as Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits his failure to leave the EU by the end of October.

The Get Ready For Brexit campaign reportedly costing £100 million had earmarked advertising spots in national newspapers, but these seem to have been pulled according to media sources.

The campaign, claimed by Johnson to have been the largest advertising campaign by the UK government since the Second World War has been controversial and some say, not very useful. 

The National Audit Office published a report last week about how well prepared Britain was for leaving the EU and commented:  “On 1 September 2019, the government launched a major communications campaign to help individuals and businesses prepare for EU exit, including newspaper and television adverts, improved guidance and direct engagement with industry.

“However, at this late stage and with ongoing uncertainty about the prospect of no deal on 31 October, this may have limited impact.”

It seems Johnson may have agreed a deal with the EU but is struggling to get the deal through Parliament, with MPs agreeing in principal, but not keen to rush the confirmation. The PM is also pushing for a general election in December which Johnson would need two thirds of votes to succeed.