Gap ‘Forward’ campaign features cast of bold kids who are breaking boundaries

Gap, an iconic American clothing brand, launched the GapKidsForward‘ Back To School campaign. In an effort to propel the next generation in the direction of their strengths, the ‘Forward’ campaign celebrates creative self-expression and kids who are breaking boundaries.

Set to an original version of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” the ‘Forward’ hero campaign video encourages kids to push forward into a world of their own creation. Featuring a cast of real kids who are pushing forward faster than we can keep up, the video captures the confident attitude of the next generation by celebrating a diverse range of kids who are bold by nature.

“Back to School is the first of many exciting moments as we mark the 50th year for Gap. This campaign is all about giving kids the confidence they need to take on amazing opportunities to grow and take big strides forward.” said Gap Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Alegra O’Hare.

“We were able to tap into the spirit of some very inspiring kids like Salem and Avett who are breaking boundaries every day and even had the chance to put their own spin on a legendary rock song. Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is the perfect back to school anthem, celebrating creativity and confidence for a new generation of kids.”

The bold cast wears the Autumn GapKids assortment of comfortable yet on-trend autumn fashion that allows its kids to express their personality. From denim jeans, jackets and dresses in colourful and traditional hues, striped t-shirts with flippy sequin pockets, cozy puffer jackets in pop-colours and statement camo and animal print tops and bottoms, alongside pieces that are a subtle nod to Gap’s 50 year heritage such as namesake logo hoodies and sweatshirts.

Playful wanderlust graphics and positive affirming messages are inscribed throughout the collection to make kids feel confident about every step they take out into a world they will one day lead.

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