Freshpet gets kids and cute dogs to retell classic holiday stories

Freshpet “Unofficial Holiday Tails” combines the cuteness of dogs with the imagination and comedic innocence of kids

Freshpet, Inc, a producer of fresh, real food for pets, launched their annual holiday advertising campaign titled “Unofficial Holiday Tails.” The campaign features four renditions of children narrating the holiday classics, acted out by dogs with hand actors for a humourous twist.

Freshpet embarks on this campaign in the hopes of reminding their audience the importance of humour, making memories, and family time during the holidays. This is the fifth year the petfood brand has produced its classic holiday content and marks the return of their “dogs with hands” videos.

“Our lives can be so busy that we forget what’s really important, our family. Freshpet believes ‘family’ includes everyone we hold dear in our lives, and that includes our pets,” said Karina Delaine, Senior Content Strategist of Freshpet. “This campaign really gets to the core of that message and captures the spirit of the holidays in a fun way.”

The brand created four videos of children retelling their versions of favorite holiday stories such as Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus. Dogs are used as the main actors in each story, paired with human hands to display theatrical emotion through gestures and bring the story to life.

Freshpet products can be seen in each story, appearing as fuel for Santa’s sleigh, the eyes and nose for Frosty the Snowman before coming to life, and as a boobytrap for burglars. The pairing of children as narrators and dogs as characters creates a witty and lighthearted tone to remind people of the holidays’ broader meaning.

“By bringing together the timeless duo of kids and pets to give us their very unique and hilarious Freshpet take on classic Christmas stories, we hope to inspire families to come together and laugh this holiday season,” said Karina Delaine, Senior Content Strategist at Freshpet.

The brand launched their first holiday advertising campaign in 2014, with their video, “13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands,” accruing over 15 million YouTube and Facebook views since its posting. The virality of this video prompted Freshpet to begin their annual tradition of creating holiday-centric content. Since 2014, the brand has created nine holiday-related videos totaling over 43 million views.

Freshpet’s “Unofficial Holiday Tails” advertisements can be found across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube beginning December 9, 2019.