In response to requests from fans, Febreze has debuted a music album featuring eight tracks as a next step to its radio song ads since 2015.

Febreze has debuted an eight-track album, The Freshness, for release online and on major streaming platforms this month. A compilation meant to drive buzz, it adds to the marque’s cross-genre portfolio which songs such as Let’s Go, Fresh Again, and Nobody Do It Fresher.

The brand has been rolling out musical advertisements on digital and terrestrial radio since 2015. Gaining traction on social media, consumers have often joked about being fooled into liking ads, playfully speculated on the artistes performing them, and asked for full songs.

Created to meet this call from fans, the album saw a collaboration with music production and sound design company, Junto Sounds, over the 90-second Nobody Do It Fresher song. It is an ode to the odour-eliminating benefits of the Febreze air, fabric, and car fresheners.

“Febreze had no intention of creating an album when we first released our song ads on radio platforms. But, when our consumers started clamouring for more catchy tunes on social media after hearing our ads, we decided it was time to give the people what they want,” said Martin Hettich, Vice President of P&G Home Care North America.

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