Exotics by Cedrick launches CHANGE 2020 to reflect its vigorous support to end systemic racism

Exotics by Cedrick, a trailblazing brand in luxury footwear and fashion, remains committed to the fight against racial inequality and injustice. The fashion company has started the campaign CHANGE 2020 to reflect its vigorous support to end systemic racism.

“This time feels different,” says owner and top designer Cedrick McDonald, who firmly believes that change is imminent and that everyone should use their platform to contribute positive change against the long-standing problem of racism.

“Being a black man in corporate America for many years, I’ve experienced systemic racism all of the time. I believe that there are good people in every race, and the majority do not desire to live up to the status quo. I can tell you firsthand that as a black person, the easiest way to reach our community in a vulnerable way is through spirituality. The Afro-American community is founded on faith, hope, and prayer.”

CHANGE 2020 focuses on education and giving the black community adequate tools to excel in this society, without the looming threat of discrimination because of the colour of their skin.

In light of current events that have sparked multitudes of protests, education will help the people discover the roots of racism, as well as the triumphs and tragedies of the African American community throughout the years.

Opening the lines of communication is a vital aspect of the campaign. These difficult conversations about systemic racism can help everyone find the lasting change, peace, and justice that everyone deserves. Learning from the experience of each other can help the community stay healthy and united.

Exotics by Cedrick believes in leadership by example. The revolutionary fashion and footwear brand believes in equal opportunities and inclusion and has maintained a diverse and talented workforce throughout the years.

The company is a leading force that supports smaller groups in the movement for equality and inclusion. To fuel this into a worldwide initiative, the brand strongly encourages other successful companies to join them in the growing and emerging clamour for racial equality and diversity.

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