Estrella Jalisco is on a mission to spread brightness and colour, commits to giving free lights & paying the electric bills for families across the country

Estrella Jalisco, the beer brand on a mission to bring color and light to communities across the US, is brightening up neighbourhoods this holiday season — literally. The company is teaming up with beloved actor America Ferrera to help people light up their houses for the holidays by giving free decorative lights and covering their electric bills.

Home holiday light displays always bring joy to the short days of winter. However, the added costs associated with new lights or the increased power bill could be an added burden, especially in 2020.

That’s why the brand has created the Estrella Jalisco Holiday Lights Programme to ensure more families can experience the joy of the season without worry. In a social post this morning, America Ferrera kicked off the programme and encouraged Americans to join her and the beer brand in the mission.

“I love the holiday season, and with the season looking so different this year, I’m more grateful than ever for the joy and brightness holiday lights bring to neighborhoods everywhere,” said America Ferrera. “I’m so excited to partner with Estrella Jalisco. Together, we’re helping families light up their houses for the holidays by giving them a chance to get their electric bill covered.”

With the Estrella Jalisco Holiday Lights Programme, Estrella Jalisco and America Ferrera are encouraging people to put up colourful holiday lights for the chance to win a gift card to cover home electric bills – or additional decorative lights.

To enter, reply to the Estrella Jalisco Holiday Lights Programme social post using the hashtags #EstrellaLights and #Sweepstakes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and be entered to win one of 400, US$100/£74 gift cards to use towards decorative holiday lights and electric bills. Submissions will be accepted through 17 December 2020.

Estrella Jalisco is an authentic Mexican beer that was first brewed in Guadalajara, Jalisco, known for its colourful and vibrant culture. To honour this history, Estrella Jalisco is on a mission to bring colourful art and brightness to 100 communities by 2025.

The brand has committed US$1m/£740k to achieve this goal, funding everything from a newly established Artists in Residency initiative, to street murals, to this colourful Holiday Lights Programme.

“As a beer brand whose mission is to spread colour, brightness and positivity, we at Estrella Jalisco understand the joy holiday light displays have on local neighbourhoods,” said Jayden Kahl, Director of Marketing at Estrella Jalisco.

“Through this programme, and our partnership with America Ferrera, we’re happy to cut down financial worries while ensuring a brighter and more colorful holiday season for more families.”

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