Dole Wins Grand Marshall Award at 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade

Dole Wins Grand Marshall Award at 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade

The Dole Float Celebrates the Company’s Commitment to the Community, the Environment and Sustainability

Dole Packaged Foods announced that its 2018 Rose Parade float, Sharing Nature’s Bounty, took home the Grand Marshal award in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade. The company has taken home eight float awards since 2011 and holds the record for the most Sweepstakes Trophy wins.

Inspired by the “circle of life,” Sharing Nature’s Bounty features large animals from various ecosystems, a 16-foot tall waterfall flowing with over 2,000 gallons of recycled water and flowery detail made of more than 60,000 individual flowers. The float also serves to celebrate the company’s long-standing passion for environmental protection and sustainability in areas where the company grows and packages its products.

Reinforcing the 2018 Rose Parade theme “Making a Difference,” Sharing Nature’s Bounty celebrates the company’s passion of giving back to the community through its partnership with FOOD Share. This dynamic partnership builds upon the company’s efforts to support underserved communities that are in need.

“We are extremely thrilled and honoured to receive the Grand Marshal award for our Sharing Nature’s Bounty float this year. The parade theme gave us the privilege to emphasise the importance of giving back, to enrich people’s lives and be a source of hope and inspiration for all communities,” said David Spare, Vice President of Marketing, Dole Packaged Foods.

Created by Fiesta Parade Floats, Sharing Nature’s Bounty stood at 55 feet long, 18 wide and 26 feet high. Fiesta Parade Floats and Dole employees also designed and built previous award-winning entries for the floats: 2017 “Spirit of Hawaii” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2016 “Soaring Over Paradise” (Directors’ Trophy), 2015 “Rhythm of Hawaii” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2014 “Sunrise at the Oasis” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2013 “Dreaming of Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2012 “Preserving Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy) and 2011 “Living Well in Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy).