Disney and Girl Up Lead with #DreamBigPrincess

Disney and Girl Up run #DreamBigPrincess which features 21 aspiring filmmakers from 13 countries and 20 female leaders of industry.

Disney has launched a global video series on achieving success for the next generation of young leaders worldwide. Produced and directed by members of the Girl Up initiative under the United Nations Foundation, #DreamBigPrincess shares the stories of 20 female trailblazers across various industries.

These include technology, entertainment, medicine, law, sports, arts, science, fashion, and politics. Disney extended mentorship support to twenty-one Girl Up representatives from different countries as each captured in digital shorts the testimonies of a diverse cast of role models—all of them women.

The shorts will be shared across the brand’s media platforms as part of a campaign to unlock a donation of up to $1 million (about £775,800) for the organisation. For each like or share of a video or photo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #DreamBigPrincess, Disney gives $1 to Girl Up.

Promising a minimum of $500,000, the charitable drive runs until 20 November 2018. Beginning in July, the aspiring filmmakers shot and edited the videos using the iPhone X and Final Cut Pro X on the MacBook Pro. Summerjax, the female-led production outfit under Apple, offered the team guidance.

The exercise builds on the #DreamBigPrincess Global Photography series—which saw 19 female photographers from 15 nations capture the inspiring stories of real-world women and girls. The iconic compilation was recognised with an exhibition at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

“Having a big dream is the first step on the path to success, and positive role models are critical in helping you continue on that journey—whether that’s a fictional entrepreneur like Tiana or success story like any of the women in this series,” said Zenia Mucha, Senior EVP, Communications at Disney. The series features (among other leaders of industry):

  1. Kathleen Kennedy; film producer and president of Lucasfilm
  2. Celina Caesar-Chavannes; member of the Canadian Parliament
  3. Emily Blunt; world-renowned actress and Golden Globe winner
  4. Blanca Treviño; Softtek president and leading woman in technology
  5. Virginie Delalande; Handicapower founder, first deaf lawyer in France
  6. Asmaa Boujibar; research scientist at the NASA Johnson Space Center

For the full 20-video series, click here.

Disney is a national winner of the 2018-2019 World Branding Awards under the Entertainment – Media category.