Citi further commits to global pay equity with ‘The Moment’ campaign

Citi calls attention to the gender pay and senior-level representation gaps with captivating campaign featuring reactions from young girls in honour of International Day of the Girl

Citi has announced the launch of The Moment, a multimedia advertising campaign created to further the organisation’s efforts surrounding the pay equity and senior-level representation gaps both within their organisation and beyond.

The campaign is set to kick off with a Times Square billboard, unveiling a series of photographs that capture the raw, unedited reactions of young children of Citi employees at the precise moment they learn about the gender pay gap and unequal opportunities that persist across many industries.

The campaign will direct consumers to view the full video on Citi’s website, which showcases the children’s reactions in real-time. The compelling content is intended to serve as the spark to ignite a broader conversation about the issue amongst adults and the next generation.

This campaign represents the next step in Citi’s dedication to close its gender pay gap. Through this series of compelling visuals, Citi is shining a light on pay equity and representation within its organisation and hopes that its commitment will have a significant effect across industries and geographic boundaries.

Citi Furthers Commitment to Global Pay Equity with New Campaign, “The Moment” (Photo: Business Wire)

Earlier this year, Citi became the first US company to publish unadjusted or “raw” pay gap figures for women and US minorities. This figure measures the difference in median total compensation when adjustments are not made for factors such as job function, level or geography.

The analysis revealed that the median pay for women globally is 71 percent of the median for men, and the median pay for US minorities is 93 percent of the median for non-minorities.

To effectively reduce the difference in the raw pay gap, Citi has announced goals to increase the representation of women and U.S. minorities in senior and higher-paying roles across the firm.

Women make up more than half of Citi’s workforce globally, however, only 37 percent of the firm’s senior-most positions are held by women. Citi has pledged to increase representation at the Assistant Vice President through Managing Director levels to at least 40 percent for women globally and 8 percent for Black employees in the US by 2021.

“With this new campaign, we hope to shine a light on the unfiltered reactions of children to this persistent issue and inspire a broader conversation around pay equity and the representation gaps,” said Carla Hassan, Global Chief Brand Officer at Citi.

“The Moment is intended to fuel the powerful emotions that are needed to spur action amongst adults as well as showcase how to communicate with and empower future generations.”

As part of the campaign and in celebration of International Day of the Girl (October 11), Citi has unveiled a billboard featuring photographs from the campaign in the heart of Times Square, located at 1535 Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets above the Marriot Marquis.

Created by Publicis North America and directed and photographed by Kelia Anne MacCluskey, the photos will be featured on the billboard over the next four weeks. Additionally, the advertisements will be featured in print in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Washington Post, whilst also running digitally on and across Citi’s social media channels using the hashtag #itsabouttime.

“Citi’s willingness to be transparent on the pay equity and representation issue is what holds us accountable for making progress,” says Sara Wechter, Head of Human Resources at Citi.

“Citi is committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work for all of our colleagues globally and we are working diligently to close the female and minority representation gaps across our firm.”