Burger King Germany makes customers choose between a flame-grilled Whopper or Star Wars

Burger King Germany has taken spoiler culture to a whole new level by inviting customers to read, listen to and speak back spoilers from the upcoming franchise release of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

And fans who are prepared to read spoilers, reportedly obtained from JediPaxis on Reddit, out loud will win a free flame-grilled whopper. This is done, for the first time, using voice recognition in the Burger King app which activates a promotional coupon.

Guests can get involved by reading spoilers out loud, of which content the app then checks; guests who have read the right thing receive an exclusive voice-controlled coupon form.

The special online spot for this campaign, from Grabarz & Partners, was shot in a specifically designed spoiler restaurant, where true Star wars fans were invited to. Everything in the restaurant contained revealing hints of the movie from each product name on the menu board, name tags, straws, fries, even the WiFi password contained spoilers. Spoilers were also hidden in the product packaging, some of which had a sound chip whilst opening the pack.

You can watch the video below, but be warned: SPOILER ALERT!! Do not watch it if you do not want to know what happens.

“Although this time the Whopper demands a galactically high price, it is definitely worth it. Using modern voice recognition, integrated in our app for the first time, we are offering guests entertaining added value,” explained Klaus Schmäing, Director of Marketing at Burger King Germany. “Our brand welcomes fans of the science fiction adventure back to Earth with immediate effect – in this spirit, may the Whopper be with you.”

Some unsuspecting and true fans of the movie franchise may have been angered by the campaign, whilst others may have enjoyed a free flame-grilled Whopper.

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