The Boppy Company Launches #NeverNotAMom Campaign

Boppy Campaign Celebrates Strength of Real Mothers On the Move

The Boppy Company, a brand involved in creating comfortable, supportive products for the mum, the dad and the baby, launched #NeverNotAMom, a new campaign to celebrate the launch of their newest product innovation, the yoga apparel inspired ComfyFit Baby Carrier.

The #NeverNotAMom campaign is designed to challenge the notion of work–life balance.

It challenges the notion that society makes people believe that being a mother should be reserved for certain times and place—that mums need to keep their ‘mum life’ at home and their other lives outside their front door, but that that is not how life should work.

The company believes that being a parent is a part of who mums and dads are, no matter their age or stage of life.

“At the company, we believe in always empowering parents, which is why we created the #NeverNotAMom campaign, designed as a rallying cry to unite and celebrate the sisterhood among women who are moms. Our products and our newest production addition, the ComfyFit Baby Carrier, are there to prop parents up when they need it the most,” said Nancy Bartley, CEO of The Boppy Company.

The new lightweight and semi-structured carrier enables confidence in babywearing with a simple and supportive structure that is easy to use and has an intuitive and secure design, allowing parents the freedom to bond with their baby without barriers.

The ergonomic seat features two carrying positions and is designed with comfort for both parent and baby in mind.

The empowering video strings together vignettes about amazing women wearing their babies in the carrier in places mums and dads wouldn’t expect.

This juxtaposition demonstrates that whether parents are at work, at home, with family, with friends or doing things they love, their child is still always a part of who they are.