AXE helps teens “Smell Ready” for an unpredictable dating scene

Axe has recruited Russell Westbrook and a crew of 10+ creators to produce their own takes on “Smell Ready”

AXE bodyspray brand is stepping in with the help of Russell Westbrook and a crew of social influencers to address the tough situation that teens are going through so that they can feel comfortable transitioning to the new dating scene in a safe way.

As social distancing continues to be the new norm, teens are finding that they’ll need to continue to adapt to a new and everchanging lifestyle. Their daily routines have been turned upside down and social distancing has made dating and social experiences basically impossible, not to mention totally awkward.

And whilst teens are turning dates virtual with Zoom and Facetime, it’s clear that screen-mediated relationships aren’t cutting it, with more than a third of Gen Z reporting loneliness, and less than 25% feel connected to others under stay-at-home orders.

It’s only natural that guys are feeling nervous to reengage with others given the added pressure of new social-distancing dating rules  like appropriate mask etiquette. That’s why AXE created a light-hearted take on navigating this new attraction landscape with the campaign “Smell Ready” and enlisted the help of Russell Westbrook and content creators like Donte Colley, Kenny Knox, Mytypolife, King Bach, Salice Rose and others to share their own relatable takes.

“I’m always looking to inspire the youth and help them find their confidence,” said NBA All-Star and fashion enthusiast, Russell Westbrook, “That’s why I’m happy to partner with AXE in their mission to help teens feel confident when they’re ready to step back out into the world. ”

“AXE is here to help make the transition to this new age of dating a bit easier with a range of fragrances that will help them smell ready and get back out there with a new sense of confidence. We’re a brand that’s always been about helping guys feel attractive and confident. We want to help teens connect IRL again, but in a fun and safe way,” said Mark Lodwick AXE US Brand Director.

“We’ve always used relevant content and partners to connect with our guy – from Netflix’s Sex Ed, Teen Vogue’s Virtual Prom and now to Russell Westbrook. Even with today’s unprecedented social climate, AXE continues to look for ways to breakthrough and inspire teens.

A combination of the brand’s new and classic products will be highlighted throughout the campaign. This year, the brand introduces its AXE Light Scents body spray collection (now with essential oils) and a full suite of new body washes to keep guys looking and feeling their best.