The ABInBev brand teamed up MullenLowe SSP3 and four leading dog adoption shelters in Colombia to ask people to bring a furry friend into the family

Covid’s lockdown and its corollary, working from home, have been tough on many people on Colombia – removing the usual triggers and the usual opportunities to take a break. ABInBev’s Pony Malta and MullenLowe SSP3 have seized on this problem, offering a solution – #AdoptABreak.

#AdoptABreak encourages people to adopt a shelter dog. With thousands of dogs without families and thousands of people forgetting to take a break while working from home, it’s a win-win.

ABInBev company has teamed up with four leading dog adoption shelters in Colombia, Second Changes, Prappic, Corazón and Chandoso Milagrinos, and named over 100 dogs after what people need the most: Break. People are encouraged to visit the brand’s website to meet the dogs and bring a furry friend into the family.

Juan Alonso Torres, ABInBev’s Pony Malta Marketing Director, commented, “It’s no secret that due to quarantine restrictions, the world has been facing big challenges when working from home/living at work. People are more connected than ever before with video calls, virtual classes and little time away from their phone.

“As a popular drink for teens at recess or during college study breaks, taking a break is part of Pony Malta’s heritage, so we wanted to create a movement that would encourage people to take some much-needed time off throughout the working day. We hope that by partnering with these adoption shelters we’ll be able to give some dogs a loving home and provide families with a boost of energy that they may really need right now. We can’t wait to see everyone’s photos out in the park, playing or having a rest with their new little friend.”

Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, Chief Creative Officer of MullenLowe SSP3, added, “One of the main reasons people take time away from work or study is to go out and walk the dog, feed them or play with them – it really is the perfect excuse to take a break and get a few minutes reprieve from meetings. We hope #AdoptABreak will encourage people to get the break they deserve while giving a loving animal a new lease on life.

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