British Airways to Introduce Brussels Sprout Dinners

british airways dinners

British Airways will serve 60,000 traditional Christmas dinners over the holidays, with Brussels sprouts taking centre stage on its menu.

Gearing up for a busy winter around family travel, British Airways is flying more than 1.5 million passengers over the holiday period. In line with the season, the brand will serve 60,000 traditional dinners from 22-25 December, including 15,000 dinners on Christmas Day itself.

The airline estimates 300,000 Brussels sprouts, 240,000 roast potatoes, 7,500 kilogrammes of turkey, and 90,000 mince pies will be on board its flights. The busiest day is slated for 23 December when 120,000 travellers take off, while 2 January the most hectic for homecomings.

Among the top destinations during said period are Australia for reunions and long breaks; Bermuda for those chasing the sun; New York for those hoping to bag a shopping bargain; and Banff in Canada for ski and snow vacations with Powder White, the carrier’s ski partner.

A selection of classics will be shown to include Jingle All the Way and Home Alone. Television favourites will include Doctor Who, Vicar of Dibley, and Great British Bake Off. Audio programmes such as Christmas Carols by the Cambridge King’s College Choir will also feature.

“Our menus are based on the markets we fly to, but in December, there’s only one dish people want—a traditional British Christmas dinner. The humble Brussels sprout might be divisive here, but it’s a hit with our international travellers,” said Mark Tazzioli (pictured), Head Chef at British Airways.

British Airways is a three-time winner of the World Branding Awards in the Airline category.