Alpro Brand Refresh Focuses on Flavour and Fun


Home to plant-based products worldwide, Alpro has launched a massive brand refresh to cement its position in the plant-based industry. Led by design consultancy Elmwood London, the rebrand presents a bold new brand look and voice to appeal to consumers.

With over 40 years of expertise in the plant-based business, Alpro’s brand revamp comes amidst a competitive and fast-moving industry. Most notably, the brand’s refresh focuses on its wide assortment of flavours, packed with appeal, and natural ingredients.

Image Source Elmwood London

According to Elmwood London, the challenge was to refine Alpro’s signature assets and introduce even more flavour across the brand. Based on this, the goal would empower their position as a market leader whilst retaining authenticity and credibility.

Following that, the brand’s updated packaging design focuses on its sensational flavours, visually and linguistically. The main ingredients of its plant-based products are now put into focus more than ever, in great contrasts of colours against a white backdrop. 

Moreover, Alpro joins the list of brands with a custom typeface, creating Alprolicious with Rachel Joy and Monotype. Combined with the flavour-packed graphics of hero ingredients, its appearance and position on shelves is a definite attention-grabber.

Image Source Elmwood London

“Together with Elmwood, we united our teams to create a punchy, flavour-packed design that aligns with our aims to communicate the wonders of plants to a wide consumer demographic.” shared Hedwig Borgers, Global Marketing Director of the Plant-Based Division at Danone.

In 2019, the brand underwent a facelift that included an updated logo, design, and packaging range. For its 2023 rebrand, Alpro will begin rolling out the new look across all its plant-based product lines worldwide. 

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