WPP’s Data Alliance appoints new CEO

Anas Ghazi Assumes New Role in WPP Data Horizontality Team

He was previously Managing Director of Global Partnerships for WPP’s Data Alliance and was responsible for partnership strategy inclusive of DataSift, Facebook, Factual and Spotify as well as team expansion into the Indian and Indonesian markets.

His transition to CEO is effective starting May 2017. Former CEO, Nick Nyhan, will remain on the Data Alliance Board and represent Kantar, along with representatives from GroupM, Wunderman, WPP Digital, Ogilvy and WPP Health & Wellness. Nyhan moves into a new role as Chairman of Lightspeed and remains Chief Digital Officer at Kantar.

“The Data Alliance team measures its success by connecting people with similar data needs and in support of WPP clients, operating companies and partners. Anas has proven he can identify the needs, fill the gaps creatively, and get things done in diverse situations,” said Nick Nyhan, Chairman at Lightspeed Research and Chief Digital Officer at Kantar.

“Clients are increasingly demanding that their relationships with agencies are grounded in data. As this becomes more important we trust Anas will lead the Data Alliance and ensure they are front and centre of WPP’s plans to engage with partners and internally put data at the heart of our business,” said Scott Spirit, Chief Digital Officer at WPP.

“WPP is a big player in the data space and I am humbled to build upon the strong foundation of success we have collectively created as a Group,” said Anas Ghazi, CEO, WPP’s Data Alliance. “We will continue to focus on a few key ways to make it easier to get and use data in WPP for media, insights, CRM, creative and PR, while strategically extending some of our data assets out into the broader ecosystem.”

Anas Ghazi spent eight years in financial services and joined WPP’s Data Alliance in 2013 as Director of Partnerships.