Weetabix launch radio advertising campaign


Weetabix have launched a new radio campaign, their first since 2014.

Starting this month and airing between 8 and 11am, the adverts will feature the famous “Have you had your Weetabix Yet?” messaging. The two threads to the campaign are entitled ‘Noah’ and Rome’ and tell the story of how epic biblical and historical feats were powered by the breakfast brand. 

Weetabix hopes to capture new audiences by grabbing the attention of those breakfast radio listeners. 

“We are a big believer in the power of TV advertising to showcase our story about the advantage you get from eating Weetabix. We’ve decided to bolster this investment through a return to radio, which we think is an exciting way to extend the reach of our advertising into more audiences,” commented marketing director, Francesca Theokli.

“Breakfast is a fast-moving and dynamic environment and whilst people are eating more breakfasts than in previous years, the category is also more fragmented than ever.  Reaching consumers during their morning routine with a relevant and entertaining message from the nation’s favourite breakfast brand, feels right.”