Volvo Cars Elevates V90 with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Tie-up

The V90 campaign looks back on the former Paris Saint-Germain striker’s rise from humble beginnings to international sporting stardom.

Volvo Cars has once again teamed up with footballing icon, Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the European launch campaign of the V90 premium estate in advance of the European Championships football tournament. The push has gone live across national television stations and social media platforms.

The initiative captures the former Paris Saint-Germain striker, a long-time Volvo driver and fan, looking back to his rise from humble beginnings in one of Sweden’s toughest neighbourhoods in Malmö to international sporting stardom. The movement depicts his close affinity with the Swedish car brand.

“The campaign is a celebration of the power that lies in the ability to think differently. There are many similarities between Zlatan’s and Volvo’s journeys. We haven’t gotten to where we are now by doing the same as everyone else,” said Anders Gustafsson, SVP, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Volvo Car Group.

The automotive giant and athlete worked together in a memorable 2014 marketing campaign featuring the enigmatic footballer reciting the Swedish national anthem and hunting in remote Swedish forests. The V90 takes the premium estate a clear step forward in terms of aesthetics, materials and finish.

Meanwhile, living up to the ultimately practical nature of any true estate, the new variant boasts a high level of standard equipment, ranging from Large Animal Detection to the second generation of Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous drive feature.

The advertising effort also features a unique score by Hans Zimmer, the world-renowned and Academy Award winning composer behind films such as Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, and Interstellar.

Video credit: Scancar TV