Unilever Japan Has CLEAR Plan for Headgear Warriors

Unilever Japan has rolled out a campaign for CLEAR targeting men battling harsh scalp conditions brought on by extensive headgear use.

Unilever Japan K.K. has launched a campaign for CLEAR titled Headgear-Cover Plan as “a salute to headgear warriors” and to promote the portfolio’s position as the best-selling scalp care male shampoo brand. Leading the push is a statement video which recently debuted.

Available in a 15- and 90-second version, the spot highlights the pride and functionality associated with wearing headgear as well as addresses concerns active users have over the harsh conditions their scalps are sometimes subject to while inside said headgear.

According to the company, the short zooms in on the significance and objective of employing the use of protective covers such as helmets and caps. The creative’s message is emotionally expressed through the original hip-hop music created by sampling the march, Pomp and Circumstance.

Its research found that within 30 minutes of physical activity, the environment under headgear reaches a level of discomfort equivalent to being in a tropical rain forest. Such conditions can result in hair and scalp damage, and weakened performance due to perspiration and humidity.

Therefore, the CLEAR collection for men has been fortified to combat the aforementioned risks to the scalp. In line with the newly launched marketing effort, the brand is proposing that companies consider providing shampoo as a bonus for professionals constantly battling harsh scalp conditions.

“More and more companies will soon recognise that their employees’ health is a corporate asset. The CLEAR Headgear-Cover Plan can be positioned as a trendsetting example of a new type of internal support system which businesses can adopt,” said Kenichi Toyoda, Editor-in-Chief of Gekkan Somu.