Toyota Camry Evokes Emotion with Sensations

Toyota has rolled out a campaign around its 2018 Camry which entails such elements as digital, print, broadcast, social, outdoor, and cinema.

Toyota has launched a campaign around its latest Camry. Dubbed Sensations, the push draws drivers to the new release by inspiring a personal connection and spans multiple channels to include broadcast, cinema, social, print, digital, and outdoor placements.

The overall effort rides on human emotion rather than telling one how the drive feels. Each spot relies on evocative imagery to convey a specific feeling which the experience evokes based on such aspects of the variant as performance, styling, safety, and technology.

The strategy was led by Total Toyota, the market model through which cohesive approaches are created in concert with the brand’s agencies of record. The roster includes the firms Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill, Burrell Communications, and interTrend Communications.

“We wanted to deliver a campaign that complemented both the excellence and excitement of the new design. Sensations embodies what people will feel driving this next-generation Camry,” said Ed Laukes, Group Vice President, Marketing for Toyota.

Multiple spots were created using multicultural insights aimed at a trans-cultural audience. The commercials spotlight the strengths of the car. The respective ads are Strut, Thrill, Captivating, Marvel, Indulge, WildDaring, Wonderful, Beautiful, Rebellious, and Striking.