Tetley tea company has launched a £3 million marketing push with the catchphrase “Now we’re talking”.

The company has developed three adverts for the campaign featuring a cat and a dog sitting down for a tea and a chat. The adverts draw on the insight that nothing gets people talking like a cup of tea, even the stereotypically fraught relationships between cats and dogs.

The brand hopes to modernise their image and aims to stand out against their competitors.

Cassie Shuttlewood, marketing manager UK & Ireland at Tata Global Beverages, said: “Our mission is to re-establish Tetley Tea as a category leader by transforming our already much-loved brand and making it more modern and for everyone.

“With more followers on social media than any other tea brand we already have the attention of younger audiences, but still have a job to do to drive brand love beyond everyday black tea. “

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