Suave Campaign Pulls Curtains on Crazy Tricks in Hair Ads

Newest Campaign by Suave Features Models and their Self-Styled Hair

Consumers are more often than not shown one of those hair commercials that flaunts blindingly shiny locks, beautifully defined curls or sky-high volume, only to make them say, “there is no way my hair could ever look like that!” Suave, an American subsidiary haircare brand under Unilever, spoke to millennial women and found that 74% do not believe they can get the hair shown in advertising.

Hair care brands often use exaggerated claims, impossible results and ridiculous expectations in their ads and admittedly, Suave has had its own share of fancy hair flips in the past.

The brand decided to have some fun and show women everywhere how crazy those practices look when you take a peek behind the scenes, showing that it does not need to rely on advertising tricks.

From greenscreen actors using fishing poles to simulate shine to foot-long extensions that give you “effortless” waves, the lengths some brands go to for “goal-worthy” hair leaves consumers in disbelief.

The brand, allowing the quality of their products to speak for themselves unveiled its newest campaign featuring models styling their own hair from start to finish using only Suave Professionals products. Sans commonly used tricks. Just women doing their own hair and loving it.

The campaign comes on the heels of the brand’s “evaus” social experiment and further proves its dedication to showcasing that it is what is in the bottle, not the packaging or the exaggerated advertising, that counts.

The idea that hair care brands should be showing real results may not seem groundbreaking at first, but when surveyed, only 2 in 10 millennial women were aware of some of the most commonly used tricks in hair care advertising.

The brand aims for women to choose the products that work best for them and believes the great hair you see should be the hair you can achieve in real life.

“Our research showed that most women do not believe they can get the hair they see in hair care advertising and that really stuck with us.

“We wanted to show her beautiful hair that she could easily get on her own, which is why our models did their own hair with Suave. The brand has been making salon quality products for more than 80 years and we are confident in letting our results do the talking,” said Jennifer Bremner, Marketing Director for Suave.

“Throughout my career, I have seen many of these tricks up close, whether it is on a movie set or a cover shoot.

“I have used Suave to create more styles than I can remember on so many different clients and I know that the products will always deliver quality results,” said Ursula Stephens, Suave Professionals Celebrity Hair Stylist.