Focused on skincare, SK-II will introduce a beauty entertainment web series starring James Corden, Naomi Watanabe, and other celebrities.

SK-II is putting a fresh spin on the skincare conversation with the premiere of Bare Skin Chat, a beauty entertainment web series run on YouTube. The programme brings together comedian and television host, James Corden, and actress, Chloe Grace Moretz, in the most unlikely of spaces—a bathroom.

The digital production follows the Carpool Karaoke presenter as he turns up in the comfort station of an unsuspecting Moretz to uncover her coveted vanity secrets. The returning SK-II spokesperson plays skincare coach extraordinaire to Corden and reveals what happens behind closed bathroom doors.

Infusing a comical twist, the two celebrities get up to crazy antics in the video series, from tap-dancing to taking facial bubble baths. He tries his co-star’s personal remedy on himself for the first time to discover the benefits of the SK-II bestseller, Pitera Essence, which is known as Miracle Water in Asia.

Taking the humour worldwide, Corden then becomes an unexpected beauty influencer. The Bare Skin Chat platform aims to drive awareness and affinity through the series debuting globally on 25 March. The show also stars Japanese comedian, Naomi Watanabe, and the award-winning Kasumi Arimura.

“We are constantly reimagining what’s possible from a content standpoint. With the launch of our new beauty entertainment series, we are thrilled to partner with the best comedians in the industry and excited for fans to start binge-watching this,” said Sandeep Seth, SK-II Vice President, Global.

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