Simba mattress company have launched a new ad campaign to encourage people to take sleep more seriously, with the help of a new sleep app they have developed. 

The latest ad stars Saracens rugby star Maro Itoje, and aims to help people understand more about how important sleep is to their health. Research shows that most of the UK population make do with around 6 hours sleep, when the recommended amount is somewhere between 7 and 9 hours. 

Using the Saracens rugby star, the Simba campaign hopes to show people how important sleep is for a variety of reasons, including well-being, and performance. 

Maro Itoje says, “The more you sleep, the more ability you have to train harder, be more alert, and attentive. Sleep really is a game-changer for me, without a good night’s sleep I really struggle to perform at my best.”

The co-founder and CEO of Simba, Steve Reid also commented, “Rugby is associated with resilience and a spartan, scientific approach to training. Maro and his support team believe that proper sleep should be disciplined and equally important as training or nutrition. We’ve enlisted Maro to help encourage people to change their approach to sleep. It’s that important.

“The #TryFor8 campaign and the new Simba Sleep app have been created and developed to give everybody the tools they need to try and get eight hours in bed every night and give sleep a chance.”

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