Reebok Keeps it Real with Ronda Rousey’s #PerfectNever

#PerfectNever sees the athlete shatter the illusion of flawlessness to empower women and honour the brand’s focus on pushing boundaries.

Elevating its Be More Human approach to advertising, Reebok, has upped the ante with a fresh phase titled #PerfectNever starring Ronda Rousey, to stay true to its brand message. Symbolising self-betterment, the new chapter shines the spotlight on the realness of imperfection.

Shot by Anthony Mandler, the video captures the athlete at her most raw. The short sees her shatter the illusion of flawlessness so as to empower women to exude their best. The campaign honours the brand’s focus on pushing boundaries for women and on female fitness to maximise potential.

Rousey’s compelling #PerfectNever story aims to represent how inner strength and determination are driving factors for success. She displays the vulnerability it takes to risk everything and how failure has benefits perfection cannot offer—new experiences, fresh challenges, and the freedom to excel.

Emphasising her grit, Mandler encapsulates the dichotomy of her personality as she transitions from glamourous Hollywood starlet to the instinctive, resilient fighter that she really is. She remains an unapologetic example of the women who continue to defy public pressure and expectations.

“Everyone’s journey of change is in a constant state of evolution; mentally, emotionally, and socially. #PerfectNever brings this belief to life through Ronda Rousey, a true champion who knows about the expectations and limitations of perfection,” said Yan Martin, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Reebok.