PokerStars Ups the Ante with Football’s Cristiano Ronaldo

PokerStars has launched a digital series in line with its #raiseit campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Wade, and 14 videos.

PokerStars has released its #raiseit campaign featuring footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and basketball player, Dwyane Wade. Both battle it out by responding to challenges set by the other through a series of videos, where the pair showcases impressive skills and tricks.

The two celebrity athletes take turns to #raiseit to the next level with inventive video challenges, in a bid to out-do each other. The key concept behind the marketing push is to provide a fun take on the poker mentality of raising the pot or stakes in order to ‘one-up’ an opponent.

The series aims to showcase the competitive nature of poker and sport as well as highlight the focus, tenacity, and endurance needed to succeed in both activities. Neymar Jr and Ronaldo Nazario starred in the PokerStars inaugural #raiseit campaign, which launched in June 2016.

The promotional exercise kicked-off yesterday with Wade’s video from the Superstar Wake Up themed round. Ronaldo’s retaliation goes live today. The full series will be posted across both their social media channels over a three-month period, and entails a line-up of 14 videos.

“The first installment delivered over 40 million views and record engagement scores. Now with Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade showing us their poker thinking, the brand will reach an even wider audience,” said Simon Tilbury, Associate Director of Advertising at PokerStars.