Philadelphia provides a solution for when you run out of bagels

Philadelphia Cream Cheese has come up with a comedic advertisement featuring its limited-time-only Bagel That device that allows you to turn anything into a bagel.

“Can a piece of toast be a bagel? Can a waffle be a bagel? Or even a hot dog bun? With the Philadelphia “Bagel That” tool, they can. Introducing “Bagel That,” a revolutionary new tool that helps cream cheese lovers punch holes in the middle of anything, instantly turning it into a bagel,” the brand said in a statement.

“To use the Philadelphia “Bagel That” tool, simply put your waffle, pancake, hamburger bun, or other bread item into the centre of the device. Next, press the lever down to punch a hole to instantly create a bagel. Because if it looks like a bagel, you can put Philadelphia Cream Cheese on it.”

The spot shows a group of children who are ready to have breakfast when a young boy expresses his disappointment that there are no more bagels left. Mum then comes to rescue and whips out the Bagel That machine. Instantly, anything becomes a bagel on which they can spread a generous amount of the brand’s cream cheese.

The spot is highlighted by a catchy tune which sings, “If it looks like a bagel, then it must be a bagel,” and “If it looks like a bagel, put Philly on it.” It showcases the brand’s versatility in expanding the traditional idea of a product and marketing it to the masses via social media. It even wants consumers to share it as a fun idea.

“People love spreading Philadelphia Cream Cheese on bagels, but what happens if you are craving Philly and do not have a bagel?” said Megan Magnuson, Associate Director of Marketing for Philadelphia. “We created a device to transform other food items into bagels. Have toast? Bagel That. A waffle? Bagel That. Even a tortilla? Bagel That too.”

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