Norton draws attention to cyberbullying through a campaign led by Grey San Francisco which urges parents to support their kid sufferers.

Global cybersecurity giant, Norton, has rolled out a campaign in partnership with Grey San Francisco to confront cyberbullying and encourage parents to discuss the issue with their children. At the heart of the initiative is a short film titled Raise Your Voice against Cyberbullying.

Sparked by a creative concept developed by the aforementioned advertising agency and brought to life with Chelsea House and filmmaker, Peyton Wilson, the eye-opening video aims to inspire parents to help their children address the phenomenon and overcome its serious effects.

The film features raw accounts of real attacks told from the point of view of several victims, and breaks the silence on the abuse as their parents hear of them for the first time. At its conclusion, the spot urges viewers to continue the conversation on social media using #RaiseOurVoices.

While October is Bullying Prevention Month in the United States, cyberbullying impacts families throughout the year. In 2015, the Insights Report by Norton revealed 27 percent of American parents felt that their children were more likely to be bullied online than in the classroom.

“Cyberbullying has become prevalent in schools today, but it doesn’t stop there — it is affecting our children 24/7, and as a mother of two daughters, I am acutely aware of the magnitude of this issue,” said Kathryn Kane, Senior Director, Global Brand and Campaigns at Norton.

She added that the brand is working to use its position of leadership to shed light on real and culturally-relevant topics as well as present people with solutions and a way to affect change. “Inspiring parents to raise their voices is a simple solution that can have a massive impact.”

Norton created an e-book which offers an authentic look at cyberbullying, and features illustrations created by children between the ages of 11 and 18 who have experienced it. Also featured are tips to help parents recognise the signs and a conversation guide to help initiate dialogue.

Anti-bullying organisations such as Pacer and Common Sense Media are working with the brand to activate #RaiseOurVoices wherever kids go online. The company is also actively engaging with victims and parents on social platforms to drive the campaign’s call to action forward.

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