Queen of Rap and now Queen of Nails, Nicki Minaj, knows how to dazzle your nails!

Rapper Nicki Minaj has introduced a fresh line of upscale press-on nails, Pink Friday Nails, created in partnership with her personal nail artist, Yvett Garcia. Garcia has not only designed the products but also supervised their production.

In the press release, Minaj elucidates that the direct-to-consumer nail beauty brand aims to revolutionise the press-on nail market. It seeks to address a gap by offering a middle ground between budget-friendly brands with subpar quality and basic designs and custom sets sold by nail artists on social media for steep prices, reaching hundreds of dollars.

Apart from that, Pink Friday Nails endeavours to provide affordability alongside personalised features, launching with 11 designs personally curated by Minaj, reflecting styles she wears herself. These designs encompass a variety of finishes, from matte and chrome bases to camouflage patterns, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $24.99.

Additionally, the designs boast four distinct custom shapes: stiletto, coffin, square, and almond, along with five lengths, offering options ranging from short to XXL. These shapes are meticulously crafted to be curvaceous, with a prominent apex and sturdy build, aiming to deliver a modern aesthetic and durability akin to salon-quality nails, a standard previously elusive in at-home applications.

Next, in her remarks about her inaugural press-on nail collection, Minaj expressed, “Becoming a mother shifted my priorities, making it challenging to allocate time for nail appointments as I did before. This propelled me to prioritise the creation of stylish, high-quality press-on nails. From the onset of Pink Friday Nails, I emphasised to my team that I wouldn’t endorse them for sale if I didn’t wear them myself because our customers deserve authenticity.”

“Pink Friday Nails represent the very nails I wear, meticulously crafted by my trusted nail technician. Given my petite nail beds, traditional press-ons often miss the mark regarding fit and style. That’s why our collection offers a comprehensive range, from short to the longest lengths I prefer, encompassing various shapes, sizes, and finishes,” she added.

Furthermore, every nail pack includes nail glue, adhesive tabs for temporary wear, a cuticle pusher, file and buff, and an alcohol pad for preparation. Typically, a set lasts approximately two weeks when applied with glue, and the application process takes just 10-15 minutes.

Nicki Minaj’s Press-On Nail Styles

Queen’s Ransom – $39.99

nicki minaj press on nails
Image Source Pink Friday

What’s more, add a touch of pink flair to your style with these square-cut press-on nails. Each nail showcases a unique pattern, spanning from a textured French tip to a sparkling crystal embellishment. Achieve an attention-grabbing look by applying them with either glue or the provided adhesive tabs.

Majesty in Stiletto- $39.99

nicki minaj press on nails
Image Source Pink Friday

Next, craving an elongated style? Opt for these striking ruby red crystal-encrusted nails, offering both length and elegance. Select from three vibrant colours and three different widths to suit your preference. Additionally, each set includes an alcohol prep pad to ensure the nails adhere securely for extended wear.

Moment 4 Mattes- $19.99

nicki minaj press-on-nails
Image Source Pink Friday

Next, for just $19.99, opt for chic simplicity with a set of matte black nails. Their almond-shaped tips offer a subtly rounded appearance. Alternatively, if you’re inclined to make a statement, explore three additional vibrant colour options: white, brown, and red.

Mogul in Stiletto- $41.99

nicki minaj press-on-nails
Image Source Pink Friday

What’s more, indulge in glamour by adding these exquisite press-on nails to your cart. Available for preorder in both black and nude shades, the style offers three sizes for your convenience. Orders are set to be shipped commencing April 15th.

Lastly, Pink Friday Nails by Nicki Minaj is now accessible in the United States and internationally through the online platform here.

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