McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London do it again with The Canadian Stack

McDonald's The Canadian Stack

McDonald’s brings back Great Tastes of the World with Canadian Stack debut

McDonald’s, a five-time winner of the World Branding Awards, has launched its Great Tastes of the World campaign for the seventh year running in the UK. The campaign was created by Leo Burnett London, with the latest addition to the series being The Canadian Stack.

Great Tastes of the World aims to introduce consumers to the experience of a range of savoury burgers inspired by flavours from around the world, whilst the brand celebrates six successful years of the same campaign previously.

The campaign shows how the international flavours of these limited-edition burgers have the ability to transport consumers from the boringness of daily life to the ever exciting sounds and culture of where the burgers they consume come from. The juxtaposition is brought to life with a series of films directed by Harold Einstein who uses clever match cuts to show the difference between both environments.

In this latest ad, two people are seen having a dull conversation discussing their mundane plans for the week whilst a team of Canadian ice hockey players seem to be pushing them against the hockey glass. It is revealed later on that the two were actually standing in a jam-packed train whilst they hold on to their Canadian Stacks. The smell and taste of the burger seem to have taken them into a Canadian “world”.

The exotic burgers are set to change fortnightly and will include flavours such as Jamaican Chicken, the Italian Stack and the Indian Chicken. This week, the launch of the Canadian Stack, which runs across TV, outdoor, press, VOD and social will introduce the world to great Canadian flavours.

Peter Heyes, Creative Director at Leo Burnett said in a statement that Great Tastes of the World provides a brilliant opportunity for McDonald’s to grab the attention of the nation whilst stretching its legs creatively. He believes that every year builds on the last, and has expressed his pride of where the creative team have got to this year.

McDonald’s began running its business in the UK in 1974 and currently operates over 1,300 restaurants across the UK. It is one of the nation’s largest private-sector employers with over 130,000 people under its care. It also reportedly provides 70,000 jobs to young people between 16-25 years of age, making it one of the largest employers of youth in the country.