Maruti Suzuki celebrates real-life heroes in ‘Be Limitless’ campaign

Maruti Suzuki campaign created as a series highlights the stories of real-life heroes like Bhupender Sharma, Mary Kom and Vikas Dimri

The latest campaign for Maruti Suzuki India’s popular hatchback Swift opens with an unlikely protagonist Bhupender Sharma, a Senior Marketing Executive, who lost a leg in an accident. The camera follows his journey as he talks about the definition of kamyaabi (success), showing him embracing sports as a way to regain physical and mental stability.

Made by advertising agency, Dentsu Impact, the film salutes the undying spirit of Sharma introducing viewer with auto maker’s new brand thought ‘Be Limitless’. Created as a series, the new campaign also highlights the stories of real-life heroes such as six-time world champion and Olympics bronze winner Mary Kom and Vikas Dimri, a corporate banker and ironman runner who scaled Mt Everest.

“We want to engage with our target group (TG) in a more meaningful way. Be Limitless is a way to build a higher level of brand salience to associate with performance but in an emotional way which is going to be our long term strategy,” said Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director (marketing and sales), Maruti Suzuki India.

“The limitless spirit celebrates individuals where keep challenging themselves to become their better version. We wish to associate Maruti Suzuki with visual dynamism and pursuit for excellence. We have a separate campaign for sales promotion for Swift. This campaign does not push for immediate sales it is meant to build brand salience.”

The campaign will be promoted across digital and social media platforms.

“Swift has always celebrated performance and the ‘Limitless Stories’ campaign has been created to do exactly that, with one difference – it takes the ‘Be Limitless’ philosophy beyond just the car. It salutes the undying spirit of certain special achievers who never accept things as they are, and keep pushing past all limits to realise their dreams.

“These stories have been carefully selected; because we felt they strongly connect with a consumer’s ‘nothing-is-impossible’ attitude. Thus, inspiring people to share their own limitless stories, while creating higher brand resonance at the same time,” Anupama Ramaswamy, national creative director, Dentsu Impact, Gurgaon.

The Swift was introduced in 2005 and currently has a third-generation model which was launched last year. As a top-selling model for the past few years, the brand says that the campaign is a conscious effort to take its advertising to connect with people on an emotional level, and that it remains committed to create sales and marketing focused ads which highlight product features, performance and value.