Lincoln Continental Strikes a ‘Cord’ with Gary Clark Jr.

The Lincoln Motor Company has inked a deal with blues artiste, Gary Clark Jr., to star in a commercial spotlighting the 2017 Continental.

The Lincoln Motor Company is collaborating with contemporary blues singer and guitarist, Gary Clark Jr., who is starring in a 60-second spot that will air twice during the ultimate music awards show beginning 12 February on CBS as well as once during the red carpet pre-show.

The new commercial features an exclusive, custom-built amplifier designed by the automotive company and engineered by Revel. Outfitted with 12 superior grade speakers, the unique set promises to afford exceptional sound quality so as to allow each brand’s expertise to shine.

The loudspeaker brand is Harman’s most exclusive. For the luxury car in question, premium audio works in concert with the variant’s interior design and acoustics to transform the cabin into a personal amphitheatre with three distinct listening modes: stereo, audience, and onstage.

From the grille to the wood grain and leather in the back-lit LED logo, the design values of the 2017 Lincoln Continental are visible throughout the vehicle. Boasting pristine technology, the sound gear was built by brothers, Ben and Jeff Fargen, to reflect refined craftsmanship.

Singer-songwriter, Gary Clark Jr, with the 2017 Lincoln Continental.
Singer-songwriter, Gary Clark Jr, with the 2017 Lincoln Continental.

“Creating a one-of-a-kind amplifier was an original way to showcase the superior sound of the Revel audio system which is available in most of our vehicles as well as celebrate the artistry of music,” said John Emmert, Group Marketing Manager of The Lincoln Motor Company.

The 19-speaker Revel Ultima audio system runs on patented Clari-Fi music reconstruction technology to enhance digital sources for clear, crisp, dynamic sound. Titled Cord, the advertisement kicks off with the artiste and musician arriving at an empty theatre in the new make.

As the spot continues, he is seen plugging his guitar into the amplifier, which draws its aesthetics from the flagship. He performs a fresh interpretation of his song, The Healing. The camera closes in on the cord, which acts as a visual timeline, taking viewers through different stages of his life.