Focused on high performance, Lexus has launched an ad campaign to introduce its improved line of RC coupes, with two spots just released.

Lexus has created a campaign for its updated line of RC coupes. Featuring firm revisions to their engineering, the reimagined models are lighter and faster as well as afford heightened sophistication and comfort. The tweaked sports range features the 2020 RC F Track Edition.

A limited-production variant, it blends the tradition of luxury with renewed performance. The push around the Lexus vehicles presents two films created for the United States. The hero spot, One Track Mind, shows cars, nondescript sports coupes, racing around a track.

Amidst the mediocrity, the RC F Track Edition emerges to crush the competition, revealing the aim of the creative. The narrator describes its key attributes. By the end, the revamped model is joined by the Lexus RC F, and the two take off into the sunset for dramatic effect.

The second commercial, Fast, opens with an old jet car which is quick but choppy as it revs along a straight road. With a focus on speed, the reel cuts to footage of the RC smoothly navigating the city streets. The ads will run during big sporting events like March Madness.

“Since inception, the brand has always challenged convention. We redefined sophistication, technology, and craftsmanship in the luxury segment, and are doing it again by redefining performance without losing sight of those key tenets,” said Lisa Materazzo, Vice President of Marketing for Lexus.

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