Kraft Cuts the Fuss Out of Thanksgiving Dinner

Available in stores, Kraft has rolled out a macaroni and cheese offering to take the stress out of kids’ dinners at the Thanksgiving table.

Kraft has brought a new Mac & Cheese offering to the Thanksgiving table, encouraging a hassle-free celebration. With 75 percent of American families claiming to have at least one picky eater at home, the fresh alternative eliminates the fuss by providing young ones with a valued comfort food option.

As depicted in the commercial, the holiday can be tough on kids—with the expectation to sit still, receive hugs from distant relatives, and eat quirky dishes like green bean casseroles and candied yams. Such recipes usually only surface during this time of year—and without presents to sweeten a raw deal.

“We want to give parents relief during the Thanksgiving stress. Our Mac & Cheese meal will win smiles at the table from kids and allow parents to enjoy dinner in the company of friends and family—and maybe a glass of wine,” said Michelle St Jacques, SVP, Head of Brand and Innovation at Kraft Heinz.