Kiterocket Debuts Global PR and Creative Practice

kiterocket martijn pierik

The firms that were Impress Labs and Duo PR have merged to form Kiterocket, a PR and creative marketing group with offices worldwide.

Nearly a year in the making, Kiterocket has unveiled its global public relations and creative marketing business which spans multiple disciplines. Established in 2016, the agency is the result of a merger between two boutique firms namely Impress Labs and Duo Public Relations.

The new entity draws on the collective experience of its four managing partners, Martijn Pierik (pictured), Dave Richardson, Amanda Foley, and Rebecca Mosley, whose skills cover a diverse set of industries to include renewable energy, life sciences, consumer tech, consumer lifestyle, food and beverage, leisure, travel, and others.

The network maintains its main offices in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle, with the brand’s regional and satellite offices set in cities such as Providence, Denver, Los Angeles, Montevideo, London, and Shanghai. Although officially retired, Impress Labs and Duo PR live on under a new name and company, but the same leadership.

“Our collaborative teams combine traditional public relations with digital, social media, and experiential marketing, while supported by full creative services. I’m honoured to take the helm of this company, and along with my partners, guide us to new heights,” said Martijn Pierik (pictured), Managing Partner and CEO of Kiterocket.